Sunday, January 6, 2008

34 Books Devoured in 2007.

Because I don't have room on those side panels, I'm removing the list of recently devoured to make room for 2008. But as not to lose the record....

Books completed in 2007, in chronological order (perhaps next year I'll try to record the date I finished, not to be more anal or anything):

  1. Love in the Time of Cholera - Gabriel Garcia Marquez (great)
  2. Ball Don't Lie - Matt de la Peña (great)
  3. Inheritance of Loss - Kiran Desai (so-so)
  4. Everything is Illuminated - Jonathan Safran Foer (great)
  5. The Last Empress - Anchee Min (good)
  6. The Road - Cormac McCarthy (amazing)
  7. Remains of the Day - Kazuo Ishiguro (great)
  8. Wild Sheep Chase - Haruki Murakami (good)
  9. Jesus' Son - Denis Johnson (great)
  10. Women in Love - D.H. Lawrence (no)
  11. American Pastoral - Philip Roth (okay)
  12. When We Were Orphans - Kazuo Ishiguro (good)
  13. Ghostwritten - David Mitchell (okay)
  14. Lolita - Vladimir Nabokov (awesome)
  15. No Country For Old Men - Cormac McCarthy (good)
  16. The Things They Carried - Tim O'Brien (great)
  17. A Thousand Spendid Suns - Khaled Hosseini (great)
  18. Freakonomics - Steven D. Levitt (interesting)
  19. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - J.K. Rowling (great)
  20. No One Belongs Here More Than You - Miranda July (good)
  21. Nine Stories - J.D. Salinger (okay)
  22. The Bell Jar - Sylvia Plath (great)
  23. The Writing Life - Annie Dillard (good)
  24. Goodbye Tsugumi - Banana Yoshimoto (good)
  25. The Farming of Bones - Edwidge Danticat (awesome)
  26. Stardust - Neil Gaiman (good)
  27. New York Trilogy - Paul Auster (good)
  28. A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius - Dave Eggers (good)
  29. The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao - Junot Diaz (awesome)
  30. Brother, I'm Dying - Edwidge Danticat (great)
  31. Prep - Curtis Sittenfeld (so-so)
  32. A Long Way Gone - Ishmael Beah (good)
  33. Middlesex - Jeffrey Eugenides (good)
  34. We Need To Talk About Kevin - Lionel Shriver (okay)

My ratings are pretty self-explanatory, but you know, just in case (because I'm a dork):

No: for something I just didn't like, at all.
So-so: for something I didn't like for the most part, but might have found a couple of redeeming characteristics, as in there was plot promise or good language or something.
Okay: for something I felt more ambivalent about, maybe I leaned towards not as much enjoyment but there were also more redeeming qualities than something that's just so-so. You know, middle ground.
Good: solid piece of work.
Great: pretty damn good. Something I'd likely read again, recommend to others, steal lines from, etc etc. You know. Something I'm pretty much loving.
Awesome: Those special books that blow me away, books I'd probably defend with my life. Hehe.

Thirty-four this year. Aiming for 50 for 2008!

3 drops:

moonrat said...

not bad :)

cyn said...

i think your reads were def more "meaty" than mine. so no wonder you read less!

hey! whatever happened to anna karenina? or was that a reread?

angelle said...

it was taking so long that i shelved it for awhile. there's so many books i started reading but haven't finished yet, esp these long ones (tree of smoke too). but rest assured, i WILL finish this year. sigh.

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