Sunday, December 16, 2007

Hail from the east.

See? I proved my theory correct. I miss the game, and I wake up, check scores, and what? Cowboys got their asses served to them by the Eagles. F.

Anyway, I ended up not bringing any of the books that I was almost done with on my trip, because my baggage was oversize and I was thinking, if I finish these, I'll have to lug them around for the rest of the time. So I brought new books with me instead. I'm halfway through Middlesex right now, so I'll do a post when I'm done.

Moonie, I'm having trouble accessing your blog from here. Maybe it's blocked in China.

2 drops:

moonrat said...

noooo!! my readership cut in half!! (just kidding. glad you got in safe, even if the cowboys didn't.)

middlesex is long. i can't believe you got through half of it on the plane.

Ello said...

You are in China? How very cool is that!!! How long are you there for or did I miss that post?

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