Thursday, December 6, 2007

A good article.

Fresh off of writing a personal statement --

I was a psych major in college. Why? Because English was the obvious choice. But when it comes down to it, I am incredibly intrigued by people. Humanity. This is the kind of shit I like to read about it.

So this particular article, though completely not book or even writing related, made me think of the kind of things I write about. Empathy. Humanity. Morality. What it means to be us, and why we choose to do the things we do.,28804,1685055_1685076_1686619-1,00.html

I'm a nerd. But I really really like these kind of articles about psych and people and stuff like that. Phineas Gage. I know. Nerdy. But I'd love to write a novel about someone who is just a tiny teeny bit off. Struggling with morality and humanity. What it means to be human.

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moonrat said...

SO much more interesting than literary devices or bullet-dodging plot.

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