Thursday, December 13, 2007

3 more to go...

I sent out 4 of my applications this morning! Three more, two of which are pretty much done, but due to the Feb 1 deadline, I'm sitting on a little longer, just in case... The last one is a Jan 15 deadline but has three essays, two of which still need to be completed. But I'm more than halfway there! Crossing fingers. Now I can focus on my novel again, as well as resuming sending out those stories to journals...

I leave for a three week hiatus to Asia in a couple of days. I can't wait. Will spend this time working on mapping out more of my novel, as well as catching up on some reading.

[The only downside to this whole deal is that I'm going to miss the last few games of Cowboys' regular season. And given the 13 hour time difference, getting up to listen to the games on internet radio isn't much of an option, except for the 8:00 evening games. Call me supersititious, but any time I haven't tuned into the game, they've done poorly. Both the Bills and Lions games, I tuned in to late, only to see them failing. Now, I'm not calling myself anyone's lucky charm or anything... but, you know, superstition. Hopefully the Cowboys do themselves well enough to get home field advantage, but... oh wait, this isn't the blog where I talk about football. I will shutup now.]

So things to do before the year is over:
Finish my outstanding books - Umberto Eco and Denis Johnson
Send out a bunch more submissions
Do a major plot outline for my flashback thread in my novel
Send thank-yous to my recommenders (any ideas on what to send?)
Get seriously going on that research for my friend

God, work is kicking my butt right now. I want to quit and become a famous novelist. And after that, an awesome book publicist/schmoozer.

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moonrat said...

hahaha. in that order? awesome.

congratulations!! halfway more than rocks.

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