Tuesday, December 4, 2007

14 can still be cute.

Entirely not book related, but this was so cute I had to post.

I have a little sister who is about to turn 14. [She's a big reader too, and is currently into the Stephenie Meyer vampire series. I'm trying to convince her to write reviews of it so I can post it on my site. You know. Youth journalist or whatever.]

Anyway, she wrote me asking me to buy her a bathing suit. I asked her what size she was. She told me to buy it according to her height and weight. She was like, "I'm five foot four and a half" and that happens to be EXACTLY how tall I am.

Just some background. My sister lives in a different country than me with my parents. I see her maybe twice a year, once at Xmas time and once during the summer when she comes to the States. So every time I see her, she's grown some.

Anyway, the following email exchange ensued:

YOU ARE 5 FOOT 4 AND A HALF?? u are as tall as me! that means by next xmas you will be much much taller! :)

haha yeah... im 5 foot 4 and a half....sorrry :(
love you

haha no thats good. im glad you're going to be taller than me. i always wanted to be 5'6" . but maybe after that you should stop growing. too tall isnt good for girls either.

But you're not short! It's not necessarily bad to be 5 ft 4 and a half.

I don't know why I find that adorable, but I do. It's like she thinks I need a self-esteem boost. How cute is she?

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cyn said...

that is really cute. =) awww!

moonrat said...

ALMOST as cute as mine (who btw carefully followed instructions and didn't outgrow me)

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