Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Three beers later.

Interesting: Nick Hornby's blog on the bestsellers in America, and how disparate they are. I'm curious as to your opinions.

As for updates on me...

1) I spent the holiday in Cincy, trying to work on my apps. None too successful. But the Cowboys won. Btw, I am incredibly upset at the Eagles' questionable play call in their second to last drive - they would have beat the Pats, I'm sure!! So mad.

2) Started Tree of Smoke. Someone is a little sad I didn't love it as much as he did. I do like it a lot, but some parts lost me. And I still like Junot Diaz's book better. I have more to say a little later about it. I'm 250 pages in.

3) I'm a teensy weensy bit tipsy, so I'm just going to reaffirm - I want to be a writer. I really do. I will do whatever the fuck it takes to make it. I swear. You need me to network? I'm good at that shit. You need me to read? I'll do it. Tell me what to do in order to make it... I want to be a writer because it's the only thing that ever felt real and wonderful to me. I had this terrible meeting at work today, and it just reaffirmed it for me. I want to be a writer. I really do. I won't sell my soul for it, but that's because I believe it takes soul. What do I have to do?

I'm a little bit sad that I'm not going to make my 50 book mark this year. Le sigh.

I missed all of you.

Okay. Good night.

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moonrat said...

re: 50 book mark: the thing is that you've had to take so much time out to write!! while writers must read, it is virtually impossible to do both at the same time. so a little leniency?

vivian said...

Tree of Smoke: I'm about to start 1968, which begins on p.269, so we're at about the same place. I started earlier, but didn't pick it up for awhile after the first two chapters, which were uninspiring. I don't think it's very well written. I know it got great reviews, but given the nature of reviewers (and of NBA juries), I'm sure much of that was political. I'm having trouble caring very much about the characters, to be honest. I also have problems following the story in places, so I can't imagine how it must be for someone who didn't live through the Vietnam era, which I did.

cyn said...

hurray for writing affirmations! =)

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