Wednesday, November 28, 2007

A shiny object moment with bunnies.

When my sister was little (as in 2 years old), we had these cups and plates with Peter Rabbit and Benjamin Bunny on them. And then we had this computer game she played (because yes, she was born into an era where 2 year olds get computer games made for them) which was Peter Rabbit games. There was a storybook mode, where it read aloud the story. My sister laughed everytime it said that if the farmer caught Peter he would be turned into a pie (insert image of pie here). So we never read her the books, but it was as good as if we did.

Bunny stories always seem to be endearing and sad. Take the Velveteen Rabbit for instance.

Wellll... this has nothing to do with books really, except that the video is in storybook format, but I lovelovelove this song. The video is so sad. And the lyrics are sad.

This is my new "on repeat" song for the day...

It's like Peter Rabbit lost Benjamin Bunny!!

2 drops:

moonrat said...

the velveteen rabbit is SO sad. if he had been any less faithful a friend he wouldn't have had to be burned. WHAT IS THE MORAL?!?!?

angelle said...

wait, he didn't get burned. he's thrown out with the trash to be burned, but the fairy saves him and turns him into a real bunny.....

i remember watching the video in school with the lights off, and when the lights came on i was trying to hide my tears.

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