Thursday, November 8, 2007

Barnes is bad.

Barnes is evil. Evil! They sent me a 25% off one item both in-store AND online, ON TOP of my BN membership discount (which I believe is 10% on paperbacks and 20% on hardbacks, and then if I buy a bestseller, it's usually already 20% off). Do you know what this means? This means I'm going shopping.

This also means, I'm caving and buying Tree of Smoke. Yes. That's what I want, and I want it now. I've never been any good at delayed gratification.

I mean, take a look at this. My immediate list for Santa includes:

- Tree of Smoke
- A Tony Romo jersey
- An iPod Touch
- A new cell phone, preferably from Sony Ericsson in Asia
- Acceptance letters
- Tickets to the Cowboys/Giants game this weekend (early present?)

Of those three items, I've already caved and bought the jersey (which Al then berated me for, and finally confessed he'd meant to buy it for me for Xmas, so could I please return it, or else he'd have to think of another genius idea to get me for Xmas), and I'm about to cave and buy the book.

Two out of five is kinda high, eh?

Sigh. Well, whatever. I'm getting a deal. And who can resist a deal??

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cyn said...

i only got a 20% off coupon! *shakes fist* and this after i bought a book last weekend. *shakes fist again*

moonrat said...

seriously, can i come with you?

also, my list from santa is SPECIALLY DESIGNED to never have this problem.

1) sushi
2) karaoke
3) sushi
4) karaoke
5) books

see, no matter how many things on the list i buy for myself, santa can STILL work with my suggestions.

angelle said...

of course you can come with me. i'm going on friday after work. union square most likely. because i'm having dinner at japonais at 8:30 and have time to kill. i figure i'll buy a book and then do writing for a couple of hours. maybe we should have a mini-writing date. i'd ask you if you'd like to join for dinner but i don't think you like the person i'm having dinner with. on the flipside, i know the sous-chef there, and he knows the bartender and manager so it promises to have tons of freebies. i was wondering if i should ask melanie to come along too. but i wonder if that'd just be awkward.

Josephine Damian said...

Tree of Smoke is on my TBR list.

You've already received the greatest present of them all: having the GRE exam over and done.

Those apps are a big job, though.

Can I ask, what will you be studying in grad school?

Me? I'm getting a masters in forensics! And I'll be writing a novel at the same time as my thesis. Aaaargh!

What does "drown" mean?

angelle said...

josephine: i'm applying for my masters of fine arts in creative writing. and btw, i'm not sure what you're referring to in terms of what does drown mean?

vivian said...

drown means a story collection by junot diaz

i got a 25% coupon too, but i'm going to use it (w/my b&n discount card) on the book i already ordered (which came in today), michael martone by michael martone (which i need to read because i'm interviewing him for upstreet 4)

do we need to form a 12 step program for book addicts?

The OE said...

My wish list is Top Secret for reasons of National security

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