Saturday, October 6, 2007

Wait, one more random question.

Would you be able to spend your life with someone who didn't love books? Maybe not nearly as much as you, but at least understand it?

And if you are a writer -- what is your opinion about spending your life with another writer? Is it:
a) Good (perhaps preferred, even necessary) because you want someone who understands that thing that you love the very most, and the process that goes with it
b) Bad -- because what if he/she is a better writer than you (is more successful, wins more awards, blah blah blah) or what if YOU become better than him/her (a la Carrie and Berger in Sex in the City)? Competition never bodes well.

These are questions that arose from a conversation I had tonight.

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moonrat said...

seeeeee this thing about being with a non-reader is something i've had to think about before. i did actually dump a guy over books once, but that's because he wanted me to read less (

moonrat said...

also, re: pho and karaoke: unfortunately i am stuck in connecticut :( so can we raincheck for next weekend? by which time i will be in desperate need, as it will have been at least two weeks?

also, we still have our hot date on tuesday. meeeeeeeee i'm already planning now. (unlike that guy.)

cyn said...

well, i married young, when i was 23. i wrote through my teens and read, but stopped reading in college. when i met the love, i wasn't reading or writing.

he is NOT a reader. in fact, he is not even my initial reader and admits if i publish, he will never read my book. =O the man is not a fan of fantasy.

our interests are very different, esp since i picked up writing again and have begun to read a lot.

he's a computer geek. we share passions in travel and film and good food. but not books or writing.

Chainz said...

I think it would be very hard to be with someone who doesn't share that passion. But as CYN has showed, if you share other things, you can make it work.

A funny tangent question might be, "Could you be with someone if you didn't respect their taste in books?" Or would it be easier to be with someone who doesn't read, or with someone who reads garbage?

writtenwyrdd said...

If I had it to do over again, I think I'd slash my wrists before marrying the ex who didn't read. The man wouldn't give me a moment's peace to read a book, and I had always read incessantly. Drove me up a wall, he did.

Maria said...

I live with someone who doesn't read a thing except tech books, but she puts up with my addiction.

She loves music and her cd collection rivals my book collection. So...we both compromise and try to understand.

I STILL can't figure out how she can listen to music all day long and she STILL can't figure out how I can wile away my day reading...

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