Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Productive writing session.

I wrote 5050 words last night (thanks Moonie, for dragging me out). If I keep up this pace, I can finish a first draft in +/- 20 sessions right?

Awesome, all I'm going to do is write this weekend. Oh, and get a cavity filled.

[Oh, right. I also have apps to do and GREs to study for. Um. Coming up on Nov. 3.]

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cyn said...

holy shish! how long did you write for? that has got to be a record! i can't go beyond an hour for rough draft writing, and i think i only have don 1700 words at the most in that time frame. go you! i'm excited for you! =D

angelle said...

i snuck in some time at work (about 3 hours actually) and then worked for another good 3-4 hours after work. So all in all, it took me around 7 hours to get all that out, so maybe it's not THAT productive. Ideally it'd be nice to churn out 1000 words an hour, but I'm still pretty proud of my 5050. :)

moonrat said...

isn't it awesome how authors always know how much they write, how long it takes them, what the barometric conditions need to be for optimum aura...

it's sweet. oh the joy of being a nerd.

angelle said...

and yet nobody cares except for you, really. i mean, a finished book looks so EASY. you breeze through it and it's like, "now what?" the general public probably doesn't realize the number of times you slammed your head into your keyboard for how many days and months and years to pull that out of your ass. [and how many notes and loose sheets of papers and timelines and character sketches and outlines, etc. that got you there]

cyn said...

it's def a fun discovery process. as it's the first novel. but yes, i noticed i wrote in 40 - 60 minute spurts and usually had 1200 - 1500 words written. i type fast (met the love on irc and all =).

revising wise, i think i can go for hours. angelle, be proud! i think that's awesome! thank goodness for fellow writing friends.

vivian said...

Amazing, angelle! That's 720 words/hour, which is more than double my current pace. I've been trying to develop a consistent writing habit by doing about an hour a day. The story I've been working on a for the past couple of weeks is almost 4200 words, or 11.5 pages. That's 320 words/day(hour).

If you could work at that 720-words pace consistently for an hour a day, you'd be golden.

Josephine Damian said...

You can find a million excuses not to write, but you can find a billion excuses not to study for the dreaded GRE exam!

Ha! DV.PW, I feel your pain. The only thing that scared me more than that stupid test was having to take the required SPSS Research Methods class once I got into grad school, which I'm taking now. I'm supposed to be doing my homework, but what am I really doing? Surfing blogs.

Ok. Back to the books!

Best of luck on the GRE! Congrats on the prolific output. Those NaNo's have nothing on you. Me? My eyes would have caught fire after the 3000th word.

Josephine Damian said...

Moonie, not all writers are bean counters.

I write in scene, meaning I try to complete a scene in one writing session (by scene I mean the screeenwriting version - everything that starts and ends in the same location and place in time). Avg. 3-5 pages per session.

It's not the word count I pay attention to, but the stack of sheets as I print out each completed chapter - that's how I measure progress.

OK. Now I REALLY am getting back to the homework.

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