Monday, October 22, 2007

News roundup:

- Dumbledore is gay?
- I caught Fievel this morning on a sticky trap. I felt very terrible when it squealed at me.
- I hate fantasy football. Like really really hate. But good job to my beloved Cowboys. And to the Giants on their amazing blowout.
- Umberto Eco: I'm still ambivalent about him.
- I reworked some of my first 2 chapters. Also talked extensively with my film friend who helped me flesh out the plot even more. I'm totally psyched to write this (um when I have time).
- I am getting a promotion today (I think.)
- I have the GREs in less than 2 weeks. I have not studied.
- I am heading upstate to go "hiking" with my mom tomorrow. Except. It's supposed to rain all week!

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moonrat said...


on most counts. tragic about le mouse.

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