Sunday, October 7, 2007

Chainz poses a couple of other fun questions.

Chainz thought of a couple other good questions:

A funny tangent question might be, "Could you be with someone if you didn't respect their taste in books?" Or would it be easier to be with someone who doesn't read, or with someone who reads garbage?

That's a tough one. Depends what the garbage is. I tend to be pretty openminded about books, so as long as he TRULY enjoys reading SOMETHING, that might be better than nothing. Though I might have serious issues if he likes reading only Candace Bushnell or something (taste being only one concern). For instance, in GENERAL I'm not a big sci-fi/fantasy fan, though I've read (and enjoyed) my fairshare of Piers Anthony and Orson Scott Card (LOVE the Ender's series). So while it may not be within my taste, I'd be okay with it... I suppose I'd have a really big problem if I picked up the books he was reading one day that he claims he LOVES LOVES and found out it is the most poorly written thing ever though. Hmm. I might question his intelligence at that point.

I don't know. What do you think?

Rawr, enough. I'm seriously procrastinating on editing this story I promised I'd have run-through this weekend.

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moonrat said...

yeah. that's definitely worse than a benign non-reader.

cyn said...

i think i'd rather have the non-reader versus the trash reader. haha! then again, i'm not sure i could judge what trashy truly is. i have respect for nearly all genres and books--even if i personally don't read them myself.
i think it would be worse if there was a huge difference in politics--which i think there is. the love is more conservative than i am--who discussed such things when you are 20 and he's english no less.

but i have to admit it now, i think i married a quasi-republican.

/hurls self off cliff

just kidding. heh.

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