Sunday, October 28, 2007

Been slacking on the blog...

I know. I've practically dropped off the face of the earth. My blogfeed has almost 600 entries I haven't read, and I've been neglecting this blog painfully.

I blame this on the fact that my GREs are coming up next Saturday, and then for the next month, I'll have to spend every free moment either working on my applications, reading other people's excerpts for class, working on the first 50 pages of my own novel for class submission, or doing some freelance research an author friend of mine has enlisted me to do by the end of this year. So I don't think I'll be picking up a book to read for pleasure until late mid-December. I also don't have time to peruse my usual industry feeds to find tibits of information I want to post. So I suppose posting on this blog will be very limited for the next two months.

But, good news is, current word count of the novel is around 8,000 right now. I haven't spent as much time on it as I would like, but okay...

Scheduling as follows:

This week: Study for GREs
Next week: Chapters 3-5 of novel
Weeks after: Portfolio and essays

The logic behind this is that once I get my novel pages out of the way, when it comes time for me to submit, I only have to do cursory editing, instead of breaking up what should be my real focus around the latter portion of the month: my essays.


By the way, I just took a practice test. I did better on the verbal but did abysmally on the math. WTF.

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Leigh Russell said...

601 comments now... What are GREs?

angelle said...

it's something like graduate record examinations. they're like the SATs of graduate school if you're not trying to do graduate work in business, law, medicine... they have specific subject tests, but luckily for me i just have to do the general one. that includes a verbal section, a math section and two essays. sigh.

Leigh Russell said...

This all sounds a bit brainy... I'm glad I'm too old to sit exams any more. I just have to mark them. sigh.

Drop in on my blog any time. It's always exciting to have a visitor.

cyn said...

who stole your super asian math gene? hunt down the bastard cause i think he took mine, too. =p good luck on studies, angelle!

Ello said...

By the way, I'm another Asian missing the super math gene. I have been missing it for over 20 years. Which was the last time I did any geometry, I think. I realized it had deserted me when I failed Calculus abysmally. Good think the LSATs did not have a math component!

Good luck and don't worry about blogging - focus on the novel and pop in when you want feedback or you want to vent etc. You can do it!

vivian said...

greetings from one phantom blogger to another...I've been remiss about my own blog, The Book Book, or reading just about anything...good luck on the GREs; I don't think MFA programs care a lot about the quanititative subtest...however there's good news about upstreet and I'll be posting soon...I promise...happy trick or treat day.

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