Saturday, October 6, 2007


I wanted to try and pick up last minute tickets to events at the New Yorker Festival, but I didn't get out of work in time. I guess I'll try to at least hit the signings tomorrow (well, I only want to get my Miranda July book signed). Sigh. Oh well, I probably should not be spending money on these things anyway. There are far too many good free book events for me to feel like it's worth it to spend $25 on a ticket for now.

I have things to say about Mysterious Flame but I am currently coughing up a lung and I think I should sleep.

Mm. I dreamt last night I found an abundance of white hairs on my head, and I kept plucking and plucking. I wonder what that means.

There's always the temptation to be a little more personal on this blog. But I will resist my penchant for oversharing.

Good night.

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