Saturday, September 15, 2007

What today looked like:

9:00 am - Wake up with a start thinking you're late to work. Realize it's Saturday and go back to sleep.
9:07 am-1:27 pm - Have an exciting dream involving a guy (friend? relative? acquaintance?) gone comic-villain bad who can transform iron filings into liquid and recreate into angry shards of knives, killing hundreds in a grotesque rampage.
1:30 pm - Wake up and think 1) Wow, what an exciting dream. Maybe I should write a short story about it 2) I realllly need to pee
1:45 pm - Sit in front of computer and realize how incredibly late in the day it is. Moan.
2:00 pm - Chat online with friend in San Francisco who has business school personal essays due in two weeks. Mutually agree to procrastinate.
2:15 pm - Make pasta. Eat it.
2:30 pm - Chat some more. Mention that you plan to get a lot of work done today. Just as soon as you take a shower. Complain about work.
2:45 pm - Decide you must finish the chapter you were reading of AHWOSG last night before you fell asleep. Finish chapter. Ponder over whether or not you think Dave Eggers would be your friend in real life. Wikipedia him. Feel sad for poor Beth. Wonder how maladjusted Toph is. Think about the reason why you could never write a memoir.
3:15 pm - Read Check your fantasy team. Drop your crappy defense in favor of Cincy defense.
3:23 pm - Throw yourself on the couch and lament over how much you have to do.
3:25 pm - Take a shower.
3:45 pm - Get dressed.
4:00 pm - Walk to bus stop.
4:20 pm - Get on bus. Read, bopping head to cool Mexican pop blaring from the radio. Get overwhelmed by a sudden desire for fish tacos.
4:55 pm - Arrive at dentist.
5:00 pm-5:35 pm - Get teeth squeaky clean. Get berated by dentist for not flossing. Find out you have 3 cavities and have to come back for two more visits. Get berated for not using mouthguard because your back molars look like the Dakota plains. Get asked by dentist why you are single. Hate dentist briefly. Get told by dentist that you've lost weight. Love dentist.
5:45 pm - Get on bus.
6:15 pm - Buy a slice of pizza because bad food seems to be all you want to eat these days. And because you've convinced yourself you deserve it. Because you've been working so hard and all.
6:25 pm - Come back home. Throw yourself on bed and roll around, moaning.
6:30 pm - Turn on laptop.
6:32 pm - Grab GRE book and read section entitled, "Analysis of the Issue Essay". Skim it without doing the exercises because you think you know this already. Scoff internally about how you're a writer and you don't need to be told that words like "moreover" and "additionally" make a paragraph sound more professional. Laugh at the section that tells you writing also includes rhythm and use of alternating long and short sentences.
6:40 pm - Throw GRE book across room. Bury head into a pillow.
6:45 pm - Decide to do a practice GRE on PowerPrep.
6:47 pm - Get mad at PowerPrep for being Vista incompatible.
6:50 pm - Install PowerPrep on desktop. Decide against doing an entire test.
6:55 pm - Do 12 antonym questions. Realize your vocab is too low. Panic. Close out of section to avoid feeling any stupider. Briefly toy with idea of studying your flash cards. Dismiss idea.
7:05 pm - Do 20 quant analysis problems. Get pleased with yourself for getting only 3 wrong. Realize that the 20 took you 30 minutes. Wail loudly.
7:40 pm - Think about starting personal statement. Check email (blog feed, fantasy stats, facebook).
7:55 pm - Bow head over notebook and sob silently.
8:00 pm - Decide to write blog entry.
8:15 pm - Eat a can of mandarin oranges.

The rest of the next 12 hours will look something like this:

8:30 pm - Try to make self as presentable as possible.
9:00 pm - Leave apartment to cross the river, then crosstown, then uptown, to Spanish Harlem (now dubbed SpaHa).
10:30 pm - (because it will really take that long) Schmooze at the apartment of a girl you've only met twice and where you know nobody else.
11:30 pm - Escape (hopefully drunkenly) back to midtown. Meet up with Moonie and Melanie for karaoke debauchery (again, hopefully). Sing all the usuals, including songs from Rent, Disney cartoon favorites, bad 80's, electronic renditions of Asian pop songs, Reflections, boy bands, and a few you've always secretly wanted to try but need to "test out" first.
2:00 am - (or something like it) Stumble home with raw vocal chords after whispering goodbye to your friends.
3:00 am - Arrive home. Try to avoid conversation with doorman. Sleep.
9:00 am - Try to wake up so you can make Matt's 11 am reading at BBF. (because it takes that long to get to Brooklyn)

Total amount of actual work done:
20 quant comp questions
12 verbal antonym questions
Skim-through of one GRE book chapter
30 pages of Dave Eggers' book
1 fantasy football drop/add
1 blog entry

It's okay. Tomorrow... erm... Monday? Will be better.

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Fred said...


Fred said...

aaaaaaaaaaaaah! why is my name fred?!?

moonrat said...

i figured it out. that was weird.

Anonymous said...

I've been berated by a dentist for not flossing too.

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