Thursday, September 20, 2007

Stop talking about your damn applications.

And then he mentioned this place nearby my home which I grew up on and that really excites me.

Okay, I'm falling into my weekly descent into self-doubt and despair. I wrote a draft of my personal statement and now feel like it's not enough. I have so much to say! I want to say, Please take me! I will work hard! I will write everyday! I will study other writers! I'll read a lot! I'll make improvements! I'll take criticism seriously! I will never give up! I am vigilant and passionate! Please please please please please just give me the chance to step through your bloody gates (or whatever the hell you guys have) and I will not disappoint you!

The comforting thought is - you don't need an MFA to be a writer.

The not-so-comforting thought is - if they don't think I'm even good enough to work on, how will I ever get anywhere?

[I have heart! I have passion! I have vision! I want to be better! And I will keep knocking! I swear! I'm a writer! Really!]

God, these applications are taking over my life, and therefore, my blog too.

Off to go author stalking with Moonratty.

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Guy said...

Let me make a quick suggestion: read Brenda Ueland's overlooked yet essential book on writing called, IF YOU WANT TO WRITE: A BOOK ABOUT ART, INDEPENDENCE, AND SPIRIT. In many ways, this book has helped release the beast from within about writing and, importantly, art. I think it's crucial, as writers, to remind ourselves that writing is an art form and we must create a "habit of art" (nods to Flannery) if we want to be recognized or noticed. I, too, am taking the MFA route right now as I am preparing for the GRE's. God, what a pain!

angelle said...

Guy, thanks for the book suggestion! I'll look into it. It's nice to meet another getting on that route. Took a look at your librarything -- did you really host the Granta Bookcourt reading? I was there :)

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