Saturday, September 15, 2007

Nice strategy.

I wanted tonight to be an early night, meaning I would be home by 11ish, and since I don't have to get up tomorrow until I want to, I could curl up in bed, guilt-free with my book, since I've allotted myself this evening to NOT study/work on applications. Instead, after dinner (which ran late, to my chagrin, as I'd intended on going to a reading uptown), I was somehow peer-pressured into getting a drink. I was yawning the whole way there, so I figured I'd sit down for half an hour and be gone. And then some of my favorite people trickled in and then by the time I'd escaped, it was 12:30 am, and then add in a slow train and a slow bus, and now it's nearly 2.


But I don't care. I want some time to read, and for once, not on a commute to avoid being interrupted by things like, oh, work and life and things like that. So I'm going to stay up even later, and read until I can't open my eyes anymore (which may actually be a very short time as I am very very very tired).

I have to say, reading Eggers for me is very interesting. It's interesting for me to note how he manages to pull off this character (or self-portrayal, really) who is so... imaginative and dreamy, in a certain way (all his day dreams! the ridiculousness of it!), and yet so obnoxious in so many other ways. I love how he takes this heavy HEAVY situation, and somehow filters the tone of the guy so that while he's aware of his situation and not devoid of emotion, he's not like weeping in melodrama either. In fact, it shows this weird sense of protection, self-defense, etc etc. It's a good strategy for something so enormous. I mean this could easily be this big tearjerker, but he gives a fresh voice that makes it funny and bearable to read.... I guess that's who he is, and his "gimmick" of sorts. But I like.

Okay, off to bed with my book.

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Maria said...

I'm just impressed that you can stay up so late. I am lucky to be awake for the ten o'clock news....

moonrat said...

me too

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