Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Mirror images.

Finished Ghosts, the second of The New York Trilogy. As with the first, there's a lot to chew on, which, unfortunately, I'm not in quite the mood to write out. But, I did want to point out the fact that it's interesting how the two stories are kind of opposite of each other.

Think about it. City of Glass has a plot that is essentially this:

Action action action catalyst monotony monotony loss-of-identity monotony monotony monotony (passivity passivity passivity)

Ghosts is in essence the reverse:

Monotony monotony monotony monotony catalyst loss-of-identity action action action

In Ghosts, Blue starts off by watching a guy obsessively (whereas Quinn ends up doing that, or at least closer to the end), and then he realizes he's lost himself, and is pretty pissed off, so he starts taking things into his own hands. Quinn, on the other hand, loses himself, but he also essentially gives himself away, doesn't really give a shit, and then lets everything take over. Blue gets angry because he had something and lost it all. Quinn doesn't care because he had not much to begin with and it all disappears from under him.

I love that Black is watching Blue watching Black. It's so absurd, it's awesome. The idea that to be watched is to have someone give you meaning. A witness to your life, no matter how boring and benign allows a person to exist. If you are not missed when you are gone (like Quinn?) then you might as well not exist in some ways, right?

That brings to mind the protagonist of one of my favorite books, The History of Love (Moonrat, don't groan), and how Leo feels the need to make himself visible, because he wants someone to witness his life, even if they don't realize it. So he takes up odd jobs and bumps into things, and causes scenes, just so that if he dies tomorrow, he has the knowledge that he made some impression, somewhere.

But I digress. There's more to this story than just the things I've pointed out. But those were the things that come to mind right now. Everything else would require far too much thinking for my taste. No thanks on a Wed night.

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