Thursday, September 6, 2007

I just need to make a list for myself. Sorry.

This is also a little out of the usual confines of this blog (because I swore to keep this as BOOK focused as possible), but I'm feeling very stressed, and need to record this somewhere easily accessible.

Things I need to do:

- Study for GREs
- Register for GREs (w/o 9/10)
- Polish at least 2 pieces; submit to places (w/o 9/10)
- Create recommendation packets; send to recommenders (w/o 9/17)
- Outline novel idea for novel writing class (end of month)

- Order official transcripts (first week)
- Take GREs (date TBD)
- Start personal statement/essay questions
- Ask for third recommendation (post-promotion)
- 30 pages of novel

- Select/polish portfolio work
- Finish personal statement
- Update resume
- Write all application forms
- Pester recommender people!!
- 30 pages of novel

- Finish all apps; mail in (w/o 12/1)
- Drink. A lot.

- Vietnam app

Is this doable???? Am I leaving anything out? Even though a lot of apps aren't due until Jan/Feb, and Irvine is the only one whose deadline is in Dec, I just want to get it out of the way. Who wants to go on holiday with apps looming over their head????

Oh god, I'm so stressed.

Okay, back our regular scheduled programming.

3 drops:

Live@theGrouchoClub said...

Novel writing class...sounds cool.

Good luck with all of that.

moonrat said...

yes yes, i owe you something... you'll have it tomorrow PROMISE

also, how's the novel plot going? we haven't talked about that in a long time...

Vivian said...

Slacker. Doesn't look like anywhere near enough to me. Better go out and get involved in a few more projects. Another novel, maybe, or take up something else in addition to writing--like painting, or playing the harpsichord.

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