Tuesday, September 25, 2007

I almost love food more than books.

So I mentioned once that after my first two loves of books (writing/reading them) and service with kids, my third passion would be FOOD (and the 4th, in case you are curious, would be singing... and thereby karaoke).

When I started earning my own paycheck after college, I didn't blow the money on clothes and shoes the way a normal girl would. No, I blew it on food. And every kind of food imaginable - from cheap eats to hidden jewels to the good standards to your fine dining. New York City is one of the best places to be if you want to eat, and I had a checklist of restaurants I wanted to hit which I kept on my personal blog, very much like how I have a checklist of books I want to read here. I am happiest spending money on food, because it's worth it to me. Good food is absolutely worth its price tag.

So my number one restaurant that I want to hit in NY, that I still haven't yet, is Per Se. I want to go so badly, but it's difficult to get reservations, and I also want to save it for something special. I've been dying, dying to go though.

For a foodie like me, you'd think I'd read some stuff like Kitchen Confidential or something. My aunt (who is also a foodie and also a reader) gave me a short story collection called The Best Food Writing of 2006 or something for Christmas last year. I haven't touched it yet. It just never occurs to me that reading about food is something I want to do. Food is meant to be eaten; reading about it would just make me hungry.

But now a former employee of Per Se has written a memoir. And, dammit, this is a book I want to read.

It's called Service Included: Four-Star Secrets of an Eavesdropping Waiter and it's written by Phoebe Damrosch. I expect some inside info on the restaurant of my dreams (I was eating at Porterhouse the other night, which is also in the Time Warner building, and I snuck by the door of Per Se and looked longingly at the menu. Sigh.)

You know, it's my dining habits that makes me seriously think twice about becoming a poor, starving writer.

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moonrat said...

see? this is why we're friends.

cyn said...

girl, i love food too!!! it's funny, as the two years i lived in nyc, i walked oodles and *gained* weight. more than five pounds worth! perhaps it had something to do with getting a buttered bagel with a slice of cheese every morning? i dunno. my fave restaurants were marumi and suzy's near nyu, and this fantastic indonesian place on the west side 40's area. we tried some fancy restaurants, but the cheap ethnic foods were best.

i did miss good mexican food while living on the east coast,tho. =)

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