Monday, September 24, 2007

Good thing payday is coming up in a week.

Events I want to buy tickets for:

New Yorker Festival (Oct 5-7) -
1) either the Jhumpa Lahiri/Edward P. Jones reading or the Junot Diaz/Annie Proulx reading on Fri at 7 (um wait, the latter seems to be senseless since I heard him for FREE already, but I get this feeling I could hear Lahiri for free to at some point too, and I haven't read Proulx yet though I want to pick up Brokeback... I know nothing about Jones)
2) Miranda July/A.M. Holmes event or George Saunders/JSF on Fri at 9:30 (Monsters vs. Incredible) --- I guess I would need to figure out location technicalities... you know to see if back to back is logistically possible.
[These are the Fri nite events I desperately want to go to]

However, because I was dragging my feet, all 4 events are now sold out through ticketmaster... instead I'd have to get them the DAY OF.

It's okay, then I can just go to the damn book signings (which is more boring because I actually like hearing the readings) on Saturday.

Edwidge Danticat, take 2 (Nov 28) -
Because I am loving her memoir, and I want to hear her talk more closely about it, and because I have three more of her books I could get signed. Thanks for the dude from Symphony Space who let me know. These guys are so effective.

Should I be spending $$$$ on readings when I have application fees to think about? No. Do I care? No.

If I didn't have a date tonight, I'd go to Ishmael Beah's reading. I've wanted to read that book for awhile now. Too bad the guy doesn't read (which should signal a big red X for me, but ah, trying to be openminded, you know.)

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