Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Eggers, Ended.

Okily dokily -

Finished AHWOSG this morning on my commute in.

I've given it some thought, and, okay, I think there are times when the breaking out of character works a little better than others. For instance, at the very end, when he's driving John home, and John's accusing him of using all these people in his book... I think that works because it makes Eggers as a writer a little more sympathetic, and it clearly shows his consciousness of what he is doing. I'm okay with that. But there are other moments where I feel like it's really not all that necessary, and then there's that Real World interview that I completely just don't like at all (or at least felt went on for much longer than necessary).

Having said that, I do appreciate many parts of the book, but mostly, of course, is his relationship with his brother. Those moments in the book are by far the most, real, honest, poignant parts, as I've mentioned before. And maybe it's because the age difference between him and Toph is about the same as me and my sister's (a couple years less for us), so I could identify, imagining what I might feel if I had to raise my little sister. I've actually thought about this before, because my mom has told me in the past that if anything were to happen to her and my dad, I'd have to raise her, and so of course I've thought about what that might entail and how I'd have to go about it, what kind of sacrifices I'd have to make, if I'd do a good job. Curious to me is why they let him, the youngest of the three older children, raise him, and not, say, Bill, who seems oddly removed from this whole situation, but hey, I'm sure they had their reasons...

Oh, wait, last thing I need to add - I really liked Eggers' crazy active imagination rants, mostly because it made me feel like, OMG WAIT! I'M NOT THE ONLY ONE WHO HAS CRAZY THOUGHTS LIKE THIS!! Seriously. He's so crazy, it made me feel normal. I mean come on, most people present themselves as perfectly well-adjusted, normal people. But Eggers showed his inner crazy. I appreciated that, because I am totally psychotic just like him. I have my crazy thoughts that spiral out of control, morbidity, fears, guilt, delusions of grandeur, all of which I try my very best to hide from everyone out of fear of rejection and exile..... Now I know it's not just me.

But yeah, I liked that. I liked seeing this boy raise another boy, trying to be an adult, having this guilt, trying to figure things out. I liked watching their relationship, watching Toph grow. The other stuff... didn't care so much about... Some of the stuff with the friends (like psycho John) and his exploits with his friends was somewhat interesting... but eh... at the end of the day, I always sorta wanted to get back to Toph, even if this was more about Dave than about Toph.

But all in all, it was good. Maybe not great. Maybe not a work of staggering genius. But reasonably entertaining. Even heartbreaking at times.

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