Thursday, September 20, 2007

Drunk blog pact.

Okay sorry for the rapid blogging in succession, but Moonrat and I have a pact to 1) drink and then 2) blog. She's kept her end of the bargain, so I will keep up mine, even though she is far more drunk than I am, because she is a lightweight. Just to let you know, I am drinking a bottle of Brooklyn Brown Ale, which is not quite as yummy as Brooklyn Lager, but I likes. I have a bottle of Brooklyn Penant in my fridge, but I will save that for another night.

I think I should write some things book/writing related, so here we go, some facts about myself:

1. I started reading at the age of 3. Prior to this, my mother would make me spell out letters in Paddington Goes to the Circus in a painstakingly slow process. This is true. It took us hours to get through that book, and I feel like I never did get to the end because we'd always stop halfway. My first book was entitled Balloons and was soon followed by Bears and then the incredibly challenging Boats.

2. The first "book" I wrote was titled The Day the Boy Ran Away. This was loosely based around a book I owned (complete with illustrated stickers) called The Day Buddy Ran Away about a bear who runs away but gets lost in the woods. I seemed to do a lot of reading about bears.

3. My real name is not Angelle.

4. I used to get in trouble for reading... everywhere. As in, at the dinner table, in bed at night, in the car...... while walking..... And I spent a good portion of my elementary school years reading or scribbling in a bright pink (and then teal) notebook.

5. I wrote an entire book about a bunch of elementary school kids being shipwrecked on an island when I was in the 4th grade, and retyped it painstakingly using WordPerfect (back in the day when the screen was blue and the letters were white). I sent it into a contest, only to have my manuscript returned, informing me that it was a picture book contest only. Oops. Mom and Dad who encouraged me to enter the contest neglected to read the fine print.

6. My best friend and I used to spend summers writing "chapter" series. She took evens and I took odds. We stayed on the phone but never said a word all day as we wrote.

7. I loved books involving: family secrets, dollhouses, time travel, fairytales retold. But I still read just about anything if I ran out of things to read. Then I'd start going through the reject piles of books left on my bookshelf, just to have something to read.

8. I won a writing prize in 6th grade from my school during graduation. [All my years of nerdliness and not playing during recess and being a loser, finally rewarded!] They handed me the largest, bluest dictionary I have ever seen in my entire life. "We'll be hearing more from her," was what they said in their awards speech. I'm still trying to make good on that expectation.

9. I still read my kid sister's books. As in, when she was six and I was 18, I read her Junie B's, and when she was nine and I was 21, I read her Ella Enchanted. I have also read every single book in The Series of Unfortunate Events.

10. I will dedicate my first book to my amazing, wonderful, superheroine mommy.

Okay, and just to show you the sort of pressure I was under to write this post (though she may kill me for it and this may be the last entry you ever get from me):

i have DEFINITELY kept up my end hereA!!
1) i'm drukn
2) i blogged
you are typing funny
i feel teeny weeny bit buzzed but i will blog again when im done with this bottle of beer
gonna take a quick shower
have realiszewd i smell

Happy Thursday! *downs the rest of her beer*

2 drops:

moonrat said...

oh i was just exaggerating. no one's that much of a lightewaigth.

angelle said...

uh huh...................

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