Saturday, September 22, 2007

All I wanted to know was yay or nay.

Like I was telling Moonrat yesterday, I think there should be a Rotten Tomatoes type site for books. Because like I've mentioned before, I'm sort of anti-book reviews, at least before I've read the book, because I feel like inevitably a plot point or two is revealed (I'm guilty as sin of writing reviews that reveal everything, but mostly because I'm writing for myself!). All I really want to know from a book review is a yay/nay, and then maybe a "if you liked xx, you'll like this book" to make sure it's up my alley. I can read jacket copy myself.

I should pitch this idea to somebody who actually has the time to do it. Seriously.

2 drops:

moonrat said... you don't have time for another book blog...?

Maria said...

I never read book reviews. I just wander up and down the aisles in bookstores or at the library and take peeks at books that look interesting.

Or..I will look up a favorite author.

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