Thursday, September 20, 2007

Alas. Pamuk disappoints Moonie and Me.

Moonrat and I had a rather disappointing experience at Orhan Pamuk's reading tonight. It's quite unfortunate, because I was hoping to give me some indication on whether or not I should bother with putting his books on my list of to-be-read. I have to say that even though at the end of the day, what matters is the writing, knowing that an author is nice or not nice or pretentious or cares or pompous changes the way you view their writing just a teensy bit. Like I am now a big big big cheerleader for Diaz fueled by the knowledge that he is so laidback and truly respectful of his readers. So it is a bit disappointing to me that Pamuk didn't take the time to at least allow all his readers the opportunity to get all their books signed, and not just his new book (because let's be realistic here - who in their right mind REALLY wants to own a hardcover of collected essays? I'm sure they're great, but, really?). I'm not sure if the decision to only allow his new book signed was his or Barnes', but either way, I always think that's a little... well... mean and underhanded. I mean if I'm standing in your long-ass line with my battered treasured copy of your backlisted book, you should love me as your faithful reader! See if Danticat had told me I couldn't get Krik? Krak! signed because well, she only wanted to sell her new book, as much as I love her writing, I think my image and love of her would fall just a little bit....

Anyway, I wasn't nearly as disappointed as Moonrat was, for the simple reason that I hadn't read his book, had no opinion of it at all, and was just kinda tagging along to see. Because I'm an author stalker and all.

To make up for it, we are both sitting in our respective apartments, drinking, declaring tonight to be a night of no work. Hmph. Look what you did Orhan. You've driven us to alcohol.

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moonrat said...

damn straight!!! driven to alcohol!! if i end up in the hospital (wine poisoning? this stuff is pretty painful) i want HIM to pay all my bills.

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