Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Why why why

......... is OJ's IF I DID IT book getting a publisher? I mean REALLY. It offends my senses, and reminds me of everything ugly about the publishing industry.

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moonrat said...

I told you I know the agent, right? Worse, I got a submission from a different agent last week. She began her cover letter, "We've had an exciting and difficult week. It looked like we were going to be able to secure our bid to represent the Goldman family on IF I DID IT, but then at the last moment they chose to work with a California agent who could spend more physical time with them. A sad day for us, but at least the project has found a happy hope."


angelle said...

I don't understand this. I simply don't understand why anyone with a sense of decency would want to work on that project. It's so incredibly perverse and offensive, and just *ick*. Something very very wrong with it, and something very very wrong with an industry that would allow that to be published.

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