Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Who cares about farming anyway....

I'm a LAZY reader. I really am. I unconsciously skip through long boring passages of description, and then often times, later find out that I missed a crucial detail. I want to go straight to the plot, the dialogue, the part that keeps moving. [On a side note, firefox's spell check function told me I spelled "dialogue" wrong and I got really scared that I'd been spelling it wrong my whole life. But no, firefox is just retarded.] This is ironic for the kind of writer that I am, who spends a lot of time on detail and writing descriptive passages, trying to paint the perfect picture, but what can I say? I'm a much diligent of a writer than I am a reader.

In any case, I especially hate it when there are multiple lines of story to a book (or a movie, or an Asian serial drama), with one being completely not central and oh-so-boring. I tend to do a lot of skipping, because I just want to know what happens. If it turns out later that the lines converge or the lesser one is actually incredibly important, I'll go back and reread, berating myself. I try very hard now not to do this, but sometimes, I must admit, I can't help it.

So I just forced myself through something like 15 pages of boring Levin farming talk. Sowing clovers and looking at cows and getting mad at people for troughs being broken. Oh god. I really don't care. I care a little when he thinks about Kitty, but beyond that, I figure this is somewhere where he needs to cutcutcut. Okay, fine, I'm sure it has some great historical context, this contrast between his farmer life vs. big city life, showing the backdrop of the times, etc etc. Very nice. But I really don't care. It could have been half as long and it would have been good enough for me. It probably shows I don't appreciate the finer elements of this masterpiece or something, but seriously. Yawn. Cut to when Stiva shows up on his doorstep already.

Laziness. This is probably why I will never get through Moby Dick or anything. And consequently, I'll never be able to pass off as even a pseudo-intellectual. Alas.

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moonrat said...

re: spellcheck:

for some reason, my spellcheck on word on my home computer is REALLY SLOW. there was this one day i was typing an editorial review really quickly and i typed something like this:

"'ve don a goodjob with the..."

a red squiggle appeared. i went up with my cursor and put a space between "good" and "job" at which point the squiggle under "job" disappeared.

i waited, and waited, and waited. the squiggle under "good" stayed strong.

i started to get freaked out. "good?" i thought to myself. "can that be right?" after all, it should sound the same as "food" if it's really spelled that way.

i tried putting in "goud" and "gould" and "goode" and even "gud" (i actually did) but i knew that didn't look right. plus the red squiggle didn't disappear.

finally i switched it back to the original. after about 45 seconds, the red squiggle disappeared.

i was SO FREAKED OUT. and then mortified.

this happened about a month ago.

moonrat said...

woops, "don" should be "done"

see what happens when you type fast on no caffeine?

Frank said...

How do I post to Book Book?

moonrat said...

send me your email address, frank!! you can email it to me at

angelle said...

oh good, frank, looks like moonrat already answered your question :)

moonrat said...

too exhausted to update?!? wow.

we'll definitely have to hone the B-list actress act. that was awesome. i might make myself a porno name next time, though.

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