Sunday, August 19, 2007

Starbucks and Stardust.

I am in my favorite Starbucks in Union Square right now, trying to edit a story. Yes, I finally got myself out of my house and to start working... Except there is a man next to me talking to himself loudly, commenting on some news article he's reading, as if he were carrying on a convo with a friend who's not there. Starbucks is peppered with the crazies.

Anyway, I saw Stardust last night, and it was tons of fun. So I'm curious about the original book now. Anyone know anything about it? Is it any good? I've never read me any Gaiman. Not even the comics!

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vivian said...

The Starbucks in Pittsfield, MA, is a good place to write, and the crazies haven't found it yet. I have a pact with a mentor to "make myself available" to the muse for an hour a day, and this is where I'm doing it. So far, it's working--no phone, no e-mail, no distractions of any kind, and decaf nonfat cappuccino whenever I want it. :)

moonrat said...

booo i wanted to see stardust but *SOMEONE* insisted we see Rush Hour 3 instead (i'm just kidding, RH3 was good fun) (although if i said it wasn't frittered with plot holes i would be lying)

Jiffy said...

I really liked the book. It's a nice , light read. I dunno how you liked Claire Dane's character, but when me and my friends who've read the book heard that she was cast for that role, we were reaallllly upset, hahaha. It's not that I don't like her acting, but I just felt like she was horribly miscast from what I read. To the point where I'm avoiding the movie. But I think I'll end up watching it anyways.

orientalcracker said...

i've heard that Stardust is actually half-based on Howl's Moving Castle (the book, not the Miyazaki film that was vaguely somewhat kind of not really inspired by it). stardust is supposedly very different from a lot of Gaiman's other work--i've only read his adult fantasy books and flipped through a little sandman.

if you want to see another Gaiman movie, try Mirrormask. i'm really curious about Beowulf, which he wrote the screenplay for but looks absolutely God-awful.

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