Monday, August 6, 2007

Sorry for the sporadic posts.

Sorry for my lack of posts (or sporadic is more like it). The truth is, I haven't gotten much reading under my belt as of late (or not as much as I'd like) due to a slew of personal and professional things that have arisen. And the last couple of books I've just finished are actually books about MFA programs. Yes, that is correct: I've made the decision to apply to a few MFA programs this fall, just to see if it's even within the realm of possibility for me. This means that those of you who have experience about this process, please feel free to throw them my way. I'm feeling a little overwhelmed with the things I have to do (GREs??) and decisions I have to make (three recommendations? Where am I going to find that???) and research that needs to be done (um, where do I even have a shot in hell of getting into?). Because of that, what little reading time I've had has been consumed by other, not as enjoyable reading.

But never fear, I'm still pushing through, and I'll most likely have more random comments on Tolstoy soon. I really do love the book so far, it's just so long that I feel like I'm not making much progress.

Okay, and I confess, I've also been picking my way through the Harry Potter books from the beginning at night, a chapter at a time. So Tolstoy gets set aside for the daily commute.

I've also been trying to reread A Wrinkle in Time so that I can write about it for my YA/children's series with all of it fresh in my mind. I realize that the way I remember it as a kid may not be the way I might read it now, but I think it'd be even more interesting to notice that sort of distinction.

Anyway, this was an explanatory post more than anything since I feel like there are enough of you who read this regularly now that I feel I should explain my absences or pitiful posts. Maybe I'm deluding myself into thinking I'm popular enough that this matters, but hey, everyone has to have some delusions of grandeur.....

[I also owe some of you personal correspondence; you know who you are - again, sorry about that, but I'll try to catch up this week...]

Hope everyone had wonderful weekends!

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akakarma said...

Hi, I've just been lurking around your blog. I am a voracious reader, or used to be prior to having a child 7 years ago. I'm looking forward to perusing your reading list. Have you ever read "The Bone People", Keri Hulme. One of my alltime favorites- Maori. I work with traumatized people and the dynamics she captures around victim/perpetrator is dead on. Also, the writing is, in my humble opinion, gorgeously rich. Nice blog!

Vivian said...

As you know, Angelle, I recommend the Vermont College low-res MFA program. Also, I just took a terrific workshop with Michael Martone, who teaches at Warren Wilson, another low-res program.(Neither requires GREs; just a manuscript and recommendations.) If you have any questions about this, I'm happy to talk about it.

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