Thursday, August 30, 2007

Reading Alert: Super September

Okay, readings.

Joyce Carol Oates
Sept. 5 @ 7 pm
Barnes & Noble, 82nd St. and Bway
From her new novel, The Museum of Dr. Moses. I haven't read any of her yet. Is that so wrong?

David Markson
Sept. 5 @ 7 pm
The Strand, 12th St. and Bway
From The Last Novel. I have Wittgenstein's Mistress on queue... but I heard he's great.

Junot Diaz
Sept. 6 @ 7 pm
Barnes and Noble, 17th St. and Bway
From Oscar Wao. I haven't finished Drown yet, but what I did read, I really really liked. I have mixed feelings about reading this book because of the New Yorker story, but I might pop by to hear him read, because it might sway my mind one way or the other. And because, well, it's Junot Diaz!

Paul Auster
Sept. 10 @ 7 pm
Barnes and Noble, 17th St. and Bway
From his new novel, The Inner Life of Martin Frost. I haven't read any Auster yet, but I mean, come on. Quitessential New York/Brooklyn author. Chainz? Want to stop by? :)

Melissa Plaut
Sept. 11 @ 7:30 pm
Barnes and Noble, 6th Ave and 8th St.
You know. That taxicab driver blog I like so much. Her book just came out soooo... media blitz time....

Yay! A reason to LOVE New York.

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moonrat said...

hmm, i've heard paul auster read before, but i haven't read anything by any of the other guys.

how the heck do you find out about these things?!

moonrat said...

i mean except oates. you can't really avoid her can you.

cyn said...

this def makes me miss the city.

Maria said...
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Maria said...

I haven't read Plaut. But, now I am totally intrigued.

Frank said...

I got my hands on an uncorrected proof of Oscar Wao two months ago. While I was a little aggravated by the book's apparent lack of focus, I ended up loving it at the end. People who know me say it's because I worship any page Diaz has written and I didn't want that to change, but I truly think Wao is a beautiful book. Plus, Junot Diaz is an exciting read in person...

angelle said...

frank- definitely think i'm going to try to drop by, at least just to hear him read, if not be convinced to buy his book. the lack of focus is what bothered me most about his short story "wildwood" in the new yorker, which seems related to oscar wao. but i'll give him a chance. besides. danticat is friends with him!

i read your entries about your visit to hear him read, btw....

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