Monday, August 27, 2007

Please tell me it's not true!

Okay someone please tell me what the truth is. They didn't die. Right? RIGHT???? :( I hear the glass of my childhood shattering inside my mind....

Moonrat: nah, people are stupid
i reread my childhood books periodically
they don't lose value, somehow
have you read the giver?
Angelle: yeah good childhood books are ALWAYS good
the giver was great
in college, i bought and read the sequel
Moonrat: how old were you the last time you read it?
Angelle: gathering blue, that was eh
Moonrat: aHA
Angelle: i heard the last one was no good (According to my sister)
Moonrat: listen to this--i read it when i was 11
Angelle: oh im not sure, its been awhile since i read the giver.. maybe sometime in college
Moonrat: i remembered the ending as Jonas lives and escapes with the baby
then i reread it when i was in high school and it was like, wait
Angelle: he does!! doesn't he?
Moonrat: they died!!
Moonrat: they freeze to death on the sled
Angelle: they were saved by people werent they?
Moonrat: no, the people were a mirage
Angelle: they were saved by ppl from the real world
Moonrat: the last image that jonas transmits to the baby
Angelle: NO THATS A LIE!
Moonrat: ...
maybe we should reread
Angelle: im going to cry now
this is going up on my blog RIGHT NOW
Moonrat: but it's just weird that you read it at one level when you're 11 and a completely different level lately
uh oh

3 drops:

moonrat said...

humm. i see no one has jumped in to resolve this.

angelle said...

i don't have a fan base as great as yours. perhaps you should postulate the question on your blog as well.

moonrat said...

all right. only for you, though. this is a special privilege for food-buddies only.

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