Friday, August 24, 2007

Penguin UK classic covers.

Speaking of covers, just read on GalleyCat that Penguin UK is reissuing recent bestsellers as part of their classics line, with new covers and everything. Look at this cover for Donna Tart's The Secret History.

New UK version:

Old UK version:

US version:

Interesting. I can't say I really like ANY of them though. I still haven't read the book yet though, though it's on my list...

I must say thought, that Penguin's covers for the most part do catch my fancy. (Did I really just say the word "fancy"? Must be the side effects of visiting the UK website.) Check out the blog I mentioned yesterday - he posted up a great post on the "Love" series in the UK. Those covers are really visually captivating. These Penguin folks do a good job with their cover designers. I also think their "Boy's Own Books" series in the UK has a nice aesthetic too. It's got that Dangerous Book for Boys feel to it.

I think I'm trying to avoid thinking about contents of the books I don't have time to read and the novels that I want to someday write by focusing exclusively on pretty cover art. Such an escapist!

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moonrat said...

this book ROCKS btw. i don't like any of the covers either.

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