Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Oh, it's not me, it's the American publishers.

Ooh. Okay. Well this entry on Vulture explains (ie: gives me an excuse) as to why I haven't heard of some of the long-list books: they're not all available in the US!

The blog also gives a breakdown of some of the murkier ones... Oh those British people. The wonderful country that brought us Harry Potter and scones with clotted cream during high tea (two equally enjoyable delights). You have succeeded into tricking me into thinking I wasn't smart, the same way I feel sometimes, when I talk to someone speaking in a British accent. "Call you later, homie" just doesn't sound the same as "Shall I give you a ring later on this evening?" I'm also partial to "lift", "aircon", "carpark" and "queue".

No really.

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moonrat said...

Queue is by far my favorite. 4 completely unnecessary letters!!

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