Friday, August 24, 2007

Nick Hornby joins the blogging world.

I know. I'm on a blogging rampage these days. It's because work has slowed down to next to nothing while plans and such are awaiting client approval, so I've had plenty of time to surf the web and all my usual blogs to find tibits of book-y news.

So now I present to you... Nick Hornby's blog! Fun! I love author blogs. I haven't read any of Hornby's stuff yet, but I thoroughly enjoyed High Fidelity, the movie version. Mostly because I love John Cusack. I figure I'll pick up the book one of these days.

I also love that he's public about his personal experience with autism. I love people with a cause. This is publicist in me coming out, but really, it's so hard to get coverage or awareness (and therefore public caring and support) about a disease or condition these days without some celebrity with personal experience with it, backing it up and driving it, and CARING about it.

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vivian said...

Hornby's Songbook is pretty cool...

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