Monday, August 20, 2007

Just because I'm competitive with myself and all.

I have finished 21 new books this year. This doesn't count my sneaking in HP re-reads and my little sister's kiddie books that I skimmed through while bored. I've completely slowed down in the past couple of months, which I attribute to a number of factors, such as the nice weather (which is also what I blame for my lack of writing output), a surge in stress and work at my job (I go home and all I want to do is glaze over in front of the TV), and lots of other fun things I won't go into.

That, and Anna Karenina is just incredibly long. It should count for at least 3 books, if not 4.

But anyway, my goal was 50 books this year (almost one a week!). Or was. But now down to the final 4 months of the year, I guess that's sort of unrealistic. I'll be happy with 35 at this point. Okay, 30.

Another useless post, but I forgot the actual interesting book news tibit I was going to share, so too bad for now.

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C.D. said...
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C.D. said...

Hey there. I haven't commented in a while. 30 books is still pretty good. I try to set those goals for myself too. Usually I never meet my goal, but something has to be said for trying right?

moonrat said...

self-competition!! it's the only answer!

my annual goal every year is 52. i am well screwed here because for the first 4 months at my new job i didn't read anything at all. let's take this moment to do a little count.

25. That means I basically have to start making triple-time for the last four months of the year.

my strategy in situations like this: a number of short books!! yesssss. it's not really cheating. but i would have to say AK was a majorly poor strategic choice on your part!!

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