Wednesday, August 8, 2007

If I were omniscient, I'd listen to hunting dogs talk too.

I'm on page 197 of this tome. Out of 817. I really won't be reading much else lately huh?

There's a horse race going on right now. Actually kinda interesting (much better than farming).

But the thing I wanted to point out was, when Oblonsky went to visit Levin and they went hunting, there was a moment where Tolstoy had us slip into the DOG'S mind!

'Found a fine time to talk!' she thought. 'And there's one coming... There it is, all right. They'll miss it...' thought Laska.
--[pg. 165, Anna Karenina]

Wow, I mean, when they call it the omniscient third, I guess it's REALLY omniscient.

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moonrat said...

Russian novels are too long.

cyn said...

anna karenina is one of my favorite books. also one of the few i reread. i realized the first time, i read it when i was too young (college age?) to truly appreciate it. love the omni view from dog. haha!

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