Monday, August 27, 2007

I want a magic bookmark tooooo!

I said I was going to write about YA books, and then I sort of never did.

Okay, well, I wanted to start with A Wrinkle in Time, but I decided to hold off on that until I've reread it. So instead, I will start off with Anne Lindbergh's children books.

Now I happen to think that she's very undervalued, and that it's a shame that you can basically only get her books through used bookstores and such. She wrote such fun, imaginative books such as The People of Pinnapple Place and Three Lives to Live (SO GOOD), Shadow on the Dial and one of my personal favorites Travel Far, Pay No Fare.

This book was about a magic bookmark, basically. You stick the bookmark in a book, and next thing you know, you're transported into the book. The characters (whose names are currently escaping me) visit such books as Little Women and The Yearling. What I really loved about the book was how it took this idea of reading to transport you to a different world, and made it literal. I mean, I loved reading, so this was like my dream come true. Why else did I read but to be thrown into a new situation, a new environment? There was something so fun and exciting about reading a book about, well, reading. A meta-book, in some senses (yay for my use of meta, Moonie!). Highlighting the real joy that comes from reading.

Anne Lindbergh just isn't well known (other than for being part of the famous Lindbergh family), so I think it's a shame that her books aren't around. I've done hunting online and managed to secure a few copies of some of her books, just to have (and so my little sister can read them), but I really think they should be reprinted. Her books were so imaginative (and yet for all the fantasy, the backdrop often deals with some real issues on growing up) that I just can't imagine a kid reading them and not liking them.

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amanda said...

hi -- i stumbled upon your blog while procrastinating by searching for old books i loved as a kid, and i just wanted to say that anne lindbergh was absolutely, no questions asked, my FAVORITE author when i was young. i'm so glad to hear that others appreciated her work as well! :-)

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