Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Another new literary magazine.

I've been extremely negligent of this blog recently. Sorry. There's a mess of things I've had to take care of.

I recieved a comment recently by Celia Johnson, editor of a new literary magazine called Slice Magazine. She left a website for me to check the magazine out. Of course, from a website alone, I can't much vouch for its content, but as I'm intrigued by Junot Diaz, with whom the magazine has an interview for their debut issue, I'm curious to take a closer look. I'm also interested by their little mission statement:

SLICE IS A NEW LITERARY MAGAZINE CREATED TO PROVIDE a forum for dynamic conversations between emerging and established authors. Slice is the brainchild of three book editors who have had a firsthand view of how difficult it is for new authors to break into the world of publishing. Our mission is to pave a space for these writers who may not have a platform but show the kind of talent that could be the substance of great works in the future. We are equally dedicated to elebrating established writers, whose work moves beyond the boundaries of writing to not only redefine literature, but to inspire new voices to grow. Slice magazine's first issue will be available September, 2007.

Sounds good to me. As a would-be writer, trying hard to break in, I think we need more of these mags to help us little people along. And we all know I'm a big fan of literary magazines, especially new ones. Looks like this one is taking artists, too.

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