Thursday, August 23, 2007

And thus descends the bell jar.

I finished The Bell Jar. It was awesome. Not so much for the plot (because, let's face it, reading about a girl going crazy and trying to climb out of that pit isn't exactly your heartwarming tale) but because, as I've already mentioned in previous posts, so wonderfully well-written. Her book had me literally cringing at many moments, feeling so terrible for this poor girl and what she was going through. It was an easy read, but difficult to get through because of her adeptness at describing Esther's world. And I seriously can't get over that once upon a time, they thought electroshock therapy was a good idea. As a psych major, that reminder of the past of psychiatry still shocks me (no pun intended, hardy har har). I feel terrible that Plath herself had to endure this, and obviously it didn't do her a whole lot of good. It makes me very sad for her, reading this book that ends on a reasonably hopeful note, and knowing that the end of her story isn't so happy. That she couldn't conquer her depression, that the bell jar descended upon her again. This book was so well-written in its prose, it's such a shame she was never able to complete another novel. Now that I've discovered her, I completely mourn the loss of her. I know, I am a dork.

Now I'm tired. To bed.

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moonrat said...

she brings good writing and readability together... she's a good writer at my level (ie who i enjoy--as opposed to a "good writer" who other people tell me to enjoy but who just doesn't reach me the way sylvia does)

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