Monday, July 30, 2007

The new translation's pretty good.

I'm done with Part I of Anna Karenina (yes, I sort of gave up on Miller. Well, not gave up, but it's going to the backburner). I'm very pleased with the new translation - like Moonrat had said, it's very readable. Because I have the other version, every once in awhile I'll do a comparison just to see how it differs, and I must say the new translation is a lot easier to get through.

It's been awhile since I've read a novel with such a complete, sprawling point of view. Like, talk about a clear definition of the omniscient. But it's very well organized, never jarring. And we get to get into the heads of all these different people from all over the place. Very cinematic, like cameras cutting from different scenes.

Well, I've only finished Part I, so I've not much else to say yet on the plot. The only things I thought about are - 1) How does Dolly forgive her husband so quickly? Just a little talk after 4 days and suddenly it's all peachy keen? 2) This Vronsky fellow is BAD news. There should be bulletins against people like him.

That's all for now. I'm liking it.

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moonrat said...


i've always wondered if as media proliferates and it becomes much easier to be educated and thereby possible to be even MORE educated than ever before because you can learn things so much more quickly...if things like translations will just keep getting better, more accurate, more fun, etc. or if perhaps there's a quality cap.

at any rate. i do think there was a problem with the original translation...maybe the translator was sticking too closely to Russian sentence patterns or something. there really is a difference.

Frank said...

I'm interested...What is the newest translation?

angelle said...

The newest translation is by Richard Pevear and Larissa Volokhonsky. It's a large volume with a modern, black and white (and purple) photograph on the front. A pretty nice volume to own, just more expensive than the cheap version I bought at the Strand. That one is by the Maudes (I didn't even splurge on the Constance Garnett version which is supposed to be better, though I have that as a text file somewhere...). This new translation is quite good.

Frank said...

Thank you!!

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