Thursday, July 12, 2007

A literary journal you should check out.

I know! I have been so bad about posting things I've read, other than my Harry Potter rants that I sneak in during work time. As I've explained before, work is crazy, as is having my family around. But hopefully in a couple of weeks I'll slow down and be able to do some catch up on some of the great short stories I read a couple weeks back.

Heading to bed, but I wanted to sneak in one last post to announce that Upstreet 3 just hit stores. :) Where? Besides Amazon, a few other places (check the blog, linked below to find out where).

I read a few stories from issues 1 and 2 during my vacation, and there's some really great stuff in this literary journal, now in its 3rd year. I want to comment on a couple that I read, but I'll have to find time to do that later, along with the Salingers and Julys. But I really enjoyed some of the great fiction and creative non-fiction (especially in issue 2, I felt they were stronger)... I'm sure the poetry is good as well, but I'm not well-read enough in poetry to really say anything on it (and, I confess, I skipped the poetry). I'm a fan of the fact that it's simple and glossy and just nice to have. The selected pieces I've read have shared a sense of... I don't know exactly, maybe it's nostalgia? A nostalgic beauty, I felt, which really appeals to me. But not in overly cheesy sense. Just in a very lyrical way. Even the creative non-fiction I read gave me that sense, and I felt it fit in pretty well with the simplicity of the publication itself. But that might just be me.

This new issue includes an interview with Wally Lamb, author of She's Come Undone and of Oprah-loves-him fame. Okay, I haven't read that, but my mom has, and she loved it. I'm sure, in it's 3rd year, the publication has managed to select some even higher quality pieces, so it'd be a pretty safe bet to say this may be their best issue yet (and isn't that what's to be expected of a journal going through a growing process?). Definitely worth picking up and taking a read through.

In the meantime, I encourage everyone to:

  1. Visit the blog (because it's interesting to see the trials and tribulations of putting together a literary journal from the ground up)
  2. Visit the website
  3. Order it on Amazon
  4. And if you're a writer, submit submit submit! Imagine being published in a journal on its way up....

I like literary journals. Why? Because it gives us writers more chances to be published. Because it means that people who really love good writing are working hard to push it out there and help us have those chances. And hopefully, help raise the bar on everything, all around.

So congrats to Vivian and everyone else at Upstreet on the release of issue 3!!!

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moonrat said...

actually i heard about this--i think i saw the first issue in that little independent bookstore in soho. it looked really awesome. good for them.

so does this mean you're submitting?

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