Thursday, July 19, 2007

Keep reviews away from me!

Every blog is ablaze with the fact that NYTimes' Michiko Kakatuni has read and reviewed HP7 already. A friend of mine who also preordered the book 6 months ago sent me a link [I'm assuming this is the NYTimes review - don't click on it if you don't want to read it!!!] just now - I saw "nytimes" in the url and immediately chewed his head off. "Are you trying to send me spoilers?!?! Ruin the book for me??!" He said that the review made him more excited for the book, but I really don't care. Remember? I don't read book reviews before I read the book. Especially not for this book! Evil, trying to trick me like that... (I could insert a really dorky HP analogy here, but I won't. I think I've blown up my nerd spot here enough times already)..

I think I need to get this Firefox widget, if it, in fact, really works.

According to UPS, my book is in Secaucus right now. Do you think I can just go to their storage center and get it NOW? Do I REALLY need to wait two more days!!!??!?!?!

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moonrat said...

frightful!! i can't wait any longer!!!!

Chainz said...

My girlfriend and I pre-ordered from a bookstore in SoHo that is having and adult Harry Potter party - complete with DJ and some magic punch.

Yeah, I am a geek. So what?

Chainz said...

By the way, I too will seriously hurt someone if they spoil the book for me. A co-worker sent me a NY Times article that had comedians predicting the endings. They weren't funny and they didn't really give anything away, but I still wish I wasn't pressured into reading it.

Anonymous said...

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angelle said...

i dislike spammers, knicksgrl.

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