Thursday, July 5, 2007

If I weren't so damn lazy.

So I have a confession to make: I've owned Netflix for 3+ years and I haven't returned my movies for upwards of something like a year. Yes, I still pay $19.99 a month. Yes, two of the three DVDs are sitting on my desk. (I can't find the third one.) Those who I've told yell at me, so now I avert my eyes and avoid conversation when someone brings up Netflix. I'm just not a good movie watcher. I don't get through them fast enough. The true veterans rip the DVDs onto their burners as soon as they get them and then mail them back ASAP. I just let them sit. Why haven't I cancelled the damn thing? Because I keep deluding myself into thinking I'll finish these movies one day. And that the lost DVD will turn up.

But. What if I could do this with BOOKS?

Thanks to DailyCandy for alerting me to BookSwim, this Netflix for books/internet based library. Unlimited books for a monthly charge? No late fees? Free shipping?

Okay, I confess. Knowing my lazy factor, I might STILL take my time sending in books. And, well, we all know how I feel about library books. There's an important tactile component to reading to me, and that means crisp pages, new matte covers, unbroken bindings. There's a reason my shelves are overflowing, and it's because I buy all my books instead of getting a library card like smart people would probably do. (That, and I like to OWN my books.)

Nevertheless, for those less picky, but just as book happy as me, now you finally have your answer. The kind your film buddies have long posessed, and now you do too.

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