Monday, July 23, 2007

The Horcrux connundrum.

So after talking to Moonrat a little, I'm confused. There are supposed to be 7 Horcruxes. My understanding is that old Voldy is supposed to be #7, right? Because part of his soul HAS to reside in himself. And Potter is #6, as we later see (um sorry if that was a spoiler). So which of these is NOT a Horcrux?

1. Diary
2. Ring
3. Locket
4. Goblet
5. Diadem
6. Nagini

My vote was Nagini since we never actually see her gush some nasty old blood all over the place, and maybe she was just a red herring, although Neville does slice his head off, but I think he needed to be killed anyway. But am I wrong? Which is the one that doesn't belong? Help here?

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