Monday, July 9, 2007

Confessions of a NYC cabbie.

God it's hot in New York today. Might even hit 100 degrees, I hear. What I'd give to be lying by my pool right now instead of at work. Our server/email is chugging along sluggishly, as is internet, and my office feels like a heated torture chamber. But at least I have my blogfeeds.

One of the blogs I read every now and again is New York Hack, the blog of a NYC taxi driver. This blog is so well-read that the author behind the blog, Melissa Plaut, was offered a chance many specialized bloggers aspire to - writing her own book. [Incidentally, last year, she was written up on in all sorts of national newspapers everywhere, so maybe the book deal came about as a result of all of that publicity - I'm not really sure what the timeline of this was.]

If you haven't read her blog, it's a pretty fun read. Taxi cab drivers are privy to some of the most bizzare things, I've always thought. People throw caution to the wind with cab drivers, as if that clear divider were something more than the plexiglass it is. People have all sorts of conversations, do strange things, forgetting that there's a third person there. I've always thought it'd be kind of cool to write a novel with a cab driver as a protagonist only because of the kind of privileged information he/she is exposed to. Anyway, what makes Melissa's blog good to read is that she's also a really articulate writer, and so her anecdotes are always told well, and in an entertaining way. I didn't know, until later, that she was someone who once worked in a corporate environment (ad firm copywriter I think it was), and that she gave it up to be a cab driver.

I think that's what her book, Hack, is about. How she went from that to where she is now. And, of course, the anecdotes that make her blog so popular. Interesting stuff, eh?

The book comes out August 28th. And for those interested, she's giving readings at two Barnes branches in New York. Sept 11- the Greenwich branch, and Sept. 18 - the Park Slope branch. Go there and take a good look at her. Maybe one day she'll be your cab driver, and if you're not careful, you'll end up on the pages of her blog.....

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