Friday, June 8, 2007

What to read...

Okay, so, I sorta tried starting Atonement last night (half-drunk), and then this morning, I started No Country For Old Men. I have a pile of books sitting on my desk at home waiting to be read, and I'm just not sure what I should read next. Everytime I finish one book, I agonize over what I should move on to. Don't ask me why, since I plan to go through all of them at some point - it just is.

I also try to alternate between 1) foundation classics 2) acclaimed contemporary lit 3) contemporary stuff that's sort of just for fun.

Since Lolita is sort of a classic-ish, I'm due for something conteporary. Acclaimed or not. Soooo... okay so I don't know what to read next. I have No Country For Old Men in my bag right now, so I guess I may just go ahead and read it. Been reading some blogs about McCarthy recently, so maybe I'm in a Cormac mood.

But anyone else have any suggestions based on what I have up on my list?

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