Friday, June 1, 2007

What do I have to dress up as in order to sneak into BEA?

[I owe the blog a review. This weekend, I swear.]

I've been following along with trickles of BEA news through my various blogfeeds - NYMag, Publisher's Weekly and their associated blogs, and agent blogs I happen to be subscribed to. Lots of interesting news, though some of it on books and authors I don't know much about and probably don't care quite as much about either. But nonetheless.

I'd love to go to BEA. Free books? Well, why the hell not? I have a little bit of an addiction. Industry peoples? I'm a decent networker. Drinking every here and there? Believe me, I'm expert at this. But since I have work and I can't shell out the money required to just SHOW UP at BEA for fun, I'll have to be content with licking up the rambles oozing out from my various voices from the inside.

Oh funny though, apparently there was some panel on media reviewers vs. book blogs. I'm not much of a reviewer - since most of my "reviews" are spoilers and are almost certainly purely for myself, or for other people who read the book to see what I got out of it rather than recommendations - but it's interesting to see how people think of blogging as there are some really LEGIT review blogs out there. Apparently, the vote is a yay [on a forced decision of yay or nay]. This is the first truly interest dedicated blog I've ever kept (of the many many blogs I own and have maintained), so it interests me.

I also like this recent post on a high-tech, long-distance book signing. A little creepy, but interesting.

Okay, but would anyone like to smuggle me into BEA? I'll dress up as a stack of bad first novels. Wait, I think that might get me kicked out instead.

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