Monday, June 18, 2007

Teetering on melodrama but not quite.

Okay, so before I even had the chance to put up that I was currently reading A Thousand Splendid Suns, I finished the damn thing. Yes. All in one go. Yesterday, start to finish. I forgot what it's like to read a book that is written for the express purpose of simple entertainment. Well, maybe not written for that, but it was easy to get through.

My opinion: not as good as Kite Runner, but still quite good. I didn't bawl the way I did over the first, at least not until the very very end (pleas of forgiveness and redemption come too late always tug at my heartstrings a little. How could I not? It was tragic. The missed chance thing is so tragic to me), but I still found the story compelling. Although, my complaint is that there's just WAY TOO MANY crappy things that happen to these people. And maybe that's the truth, but it just sucked when hope after hope was dashed. Tragedy after tragedy was piled on. I was like, come on Hosseini, throw me a bone here!! Or them, throw them a bone! It made me anxious because I felt like, god, how much more could possibly go wrong before things turn up?

That aside though, I love some of his descriptions - a cloud that was draped on a moon like a veil - that one in particular I remember. The way he ends chapters just right - "For one last time, Mariam did as she was told" - stuff like that. He knows how to craft things so that, with a less skilled writer, it would come off as too melodramatic (as it was now, it was teetering on the edge), but with his style I was willing to accept it, because he crafted it in such a heartbreaking manner.

So yes. I liked this book (I mean I read it in one day). Now that that's off my list, I can start reading the reviews for it.

What's next? Hmmm.

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