Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Some forthcoming novels sparking my attention...

I really have been reading BEA news (and now the fallout) in between my busyness at work. I'll admit, I sorta skim through the news when the book or author or genre doesn't especially appeal to me, but any BEA news is the first I click on in my blog feeder, just to see if there's anything that personally would excite me.

Just read NYMag's Vulture blog article, rating galleys. The image, of course, first caught my eye. I don't particularly care for all of the books pictured stacked (*ahem* Jenna Bush?) but seeing an author you recognize is always exciting. At least for a book geek like me.

Most notably:

Denis Johnson (Tree of Smoke) - It took me a couple reads of Jesus' Son, his well-known short story collection which seems to be a staple in contemporary literature, but I enjoyed it so much after a few runs that I'm curious to see what he is like, novel-length. [I also want to get his poetry, but that's an aside.] Definitely getting this when it comes out.

Alice Sebold (The Almost Moon) - Whose Lovely Bones was an enjoyable read, and Lucky, her memoir of rape, touching. I wonder what the conceit is here. Her first novel was so creative and interesting, that I wonder if a typical drama might be hum-drum. But still!! How can one resist? This I am definitely picking up too, though paperback might be a good idea.

Philip Roth (Exit Ghost) - American Pastoral was a good read, although not one of my favorites. I probably wouldn't get this immediately, mostly because this is the last of his Zuckerman novels, and I haven't read any of the rest. I also have some of his other books I want to pick up first. Nonetheless, I feel like a huge author like him deserves some excitement and hype. So here I am, jumping with glee. Well, sort of. Does it count if I just type it?

Junot Diaz (The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao) - I confess: I haven't read anything else of his aside from a short story we read in class last term. I really enjoyed that story, and have been thinking of picking up the collection when I get through the rest of the short story collections I have to get through (and haven't touched yet). Yet here is another short story writer, becoming a novelist. And since I really liked the story I read, and have seen the name floating around, it totally sparked my attention.

I can't really talk about the books, obviously, since, uh, I know nothing about them other than what's out there already. But just thought I'd contribute to the hype about books I'm excited about.

Oh, how I wish I could have snagged galleys for myself. Dammit! I'm totally in the wrong industry!!!

Carry on.

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moonrat said...

Hmm. Isn't it interesting that New York magazine said NOTHING about the one galley I chose to highlight?

moonrat said...

...especially since the founder of New York magazine is one of my authors!!

angelle said...

hmm. maybe they didn't want to seem to favoritist? (i don't think that's a real word but i can't think of the right one right now)

tell me how that book is though!

Celia said...

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