Sunday, June 10, 2007

Shoutout to Moonrat!

Moonrat brought me galleys back from BEA! Hurrah!!! [Okay, I don't actually use the word "hurrah" in real life, but it seemed appropriate here.]

I just carried home these two books, along with delicious meatloaf and mac&cheese Moonrat sent me home with, in a Yellow Rat Bastard shopping bag. Which two books, might you ask? Rosie Little's Cautionary Tales For Girls by Danielle Wood and The Luxe by Anna Godbersen. I will toss both on the list and read them asap so as to give Moonrat my full review (and thereby removing her responsibility of reading the damn things while she's still trying to edit Charlotte over there... or possibly just ruining them for her).

Thanks, Moonrat, for sending me home with two of my favorite things in the world: food and books.

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moonrat said...

Muwahahahaha. I do unto others as the Rally Monkey has done unto me. We shall all be fat and overly literate together.

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